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Jen Murphy

This Week at Jen Murphy Fitness: Jen Ferdinandsen Art Class

Events at Jen Murphy Fitness

This week at Jen Murphy Fitness

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Instead of discussing this weeks upcoming events I’d like to focus on the fabulous events that took place at Jen Murphy Fitness this weekend!

Zumba Dance Party

First of all I would like to thank the 27 fabulous women, 3 incredibly talented instructors, and one amazing friend that came together Friday night for the March for Babies Zumba Dance party!  The energy in the room that night was like nothing I’ve experienced ever!  The music was infectious and the dancing so much fun that our faces hurt at the end from laughing, smiling, and whoop whoopin for a nonstop hour.  Denise Troiano made a touching speech at the end that brought a tear to our eyes-and the generosity of those that attended brought our total donations up to $1242.00!  I can’t thank all of you enough for making a difference, not just for march of dimes, but by coming together you made a difference in my night, weekend, and life I will never forget.

Jen Ferdinandsen Holds Painting Workshop at Jen Murphy Fitness

Speaking of talented:  Sunday, Jen Ferdinandsen held her painting workshop in the backroom and created some amazing art along with her new students.  Jen has just begun a kids art and Yoga class  and will be offering  COLOR & ENERGY PAINTING & HEALING SESSIONS the first Friday of every month from 7-9pm beginning October 4, 2013.

Jen Ferdinandsen is an accomplished instructor and artist.  This is a side that many of us do not know.  Here is her autobiography:

I’ve always been passionate about helping people, so when I first got certified to teach group fitness classes over 15 years ago, it became about so much more than working out.  As I’ve explored alternative medicine and healing and became trained in yoga and energy medicine, what began as tools for my own journey have enabled me to help others even more and re-connect me with my first passion……painting!

It is amazing to see how well received my Mixed Media Painting workshops have been at the studio!  Adding the painting to my kids yoga classes was a natural evolution as well and the Kids Yoga & Painting classes are so unique and fun!

For me, being creative is an essential part of my spiritual journey and I’m finding that I’m not alone!  I am so excited to begin offering my Color & Energy Painting & Healing sessions at the studio next month!  This special 2 hour evening combines energy healing, painting and yoga and it’s going to be very transformative, I can’t wait!

I LOVE being a part of the studio and the amazing energy you have created there!  It’s such a special place to come together and practice what makes us healthy and happy while supporting each other.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the classes each week and it inspires me to continue growing and pursuing my dreams!


Insanity Certification

Finally- I spent my Sunday with a great group of men and women at an INSANITY Certification! Oh yeah you heard right- I am now certified to be insane. 🙂
Be on the lookout for small group Insanity training specials as well as a new challenge -to be announced.  I love new ways to sweat!

**Scheduling Note:

There will be no Wednesday night  kickboxing this week.  Joellen will return on Saturday at 10 am. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you in class


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