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At Jen Murphy Fitness Nutrition Counseling a proper diet is not about starvation or deprivation. Healthy nutrition and healthy eating habits are about learning how to fuel our bodies in a realistic way.  Its about changing eating habits that aren’t working, and replacing them with easy to follow parameters that can be life-enhancing, as well as life-changing.

It's Not Just About Losing Weight

Nutrition is not just about losing weight.  A healthy diet that pulls from multiple food groups, while focusing on proper portion size, can fight disease, energize the body and change one’s mental state, all while keeping you satisfied with that feeling of being “fed,” instead of “starved.” 

The critical elements are knowing what to eat for your body, and specific circumstances, and understanding how much to eat. 

How it Works

Contrary to many nutrition programs, at Jen Murphy Fitness Nutrition Counseling the focus is placed on one-on-one, in-person meetings. It’s not about a daily email program that often proves to be more annoying than useful, it’s about meeting with a licensed, nutrition professional who will teach you the building blocks of eating right.

This includes developing a deep understanding of your current eating habits; meal creation and scheduling, so when you eat you feel fed and satisfied; shopping and label education; and food preparation.

In-person sessions will result in a specific, easy to follow plan that will allow you to not only pick healthy options when you eat, but to understand why we sometimes choose the unhealthy ones.  Weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions are your choice and can be combined with personal training packages.  Whether your tired of being tired, have a weight loss goal or are looking to fine tune your current lifestyle, Jen Murphy Fitness Nutrition Counseling is here to help.

The Process

Personal Analysis

The process begins with an initial consultation, lasting approximately one hour. Baselines including, body measurements, weight, Body Mass Index are each documented. If desired, "Before" photographs are created for later comparison. Short, intermediate, and long-term goals are key, and are discussed in detail. Any specific health issues or physician recommendations are also highlighted and noted during the consultation.

Dietary Analysis

As each individual's eating habits are very personal, diet is analyzed with emphasis placed on identification of both positive and negative aspects. Taking time to discuss one's eating choices and rituals, likes, dislikes, lifestyle and environment is critical, and can lead to a deeper understanding of current diet. In turn allowing for the identification of specific dietary elements that can benefit from healthier choices.

Plan & Implementation

Calorie goals, water intake, macros, menus, and recipes to follow are put into each individual's plan. If desired, exercise goals are established, and added to the plan. While outlining specific goals, the overall process places emphasis on making “smarter dietary choices," that are not in itself a "diet," but become woven into one's daily life over a longer period of time, therefore greatly increasing the opportunity for permanent change.


Pricing for Nutrition Counseling is simple and flexible.  The initial  sixty-minute consultation is $80, but can be part of a multi-session package.

Additional session are priced by the hour and are less expensive when multiple sessions are purchased.  To augment the flexibility,  Nutrition Counseling sessions can be combined with Personal Training sessions, and are priced the same.  For example, if you purchase ten personal training sessions, you may use as many or as few as you want for Nutrition Counseling.

The pricing structure is below.

30-Minute Session

$ 45 Per Session
  • One Thirty-Minute Session
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $45 Per Session

10-Pack 30-Minute Sessions

$ 40 Per Session
  • Ten Thirty-Minute Sessions
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $400 Investment in Yourself!

20-Pack 30-Minute Session

$ 37
Per Session
  • Twenty Thirty-Minute Session
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $750 Investment in Yourself!

60-Minute Session

$ 80 Per Session
  • One Sixty-Minute Session
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $80 per Session

60-Minute Sessions

With Free One-Month Membership at
Jen Murphy Fitness
$ 70 Per Session
  • Twenty Sixty Minute-Sessions
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $1,400 Investment in Yourself!
  • Complimentary Jen Murphy Fitness Water Bottle
  • FREE One-Month Membership at Jen Murphy Fitness

10-Pack 60-Minute Sessions

$ 75 Per Session
  • Ten Sixty Minute-Sessions
  • Sessions are Private & Confidential
  • Sessions Do Not Expire
  • $750 Investment in Yourself!

Ready to Begin, But Have Questions?

If you’re ready to get started but have some questions, just click the Get Started button below, complete the brief form, and we will follow up with you immediately.  Congratulations on taking a positive step toward healthy living!

All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before starting a new fitness regimen. This program is not targeted to, nor intended for use by anyone under the age of 18.

"Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food."


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