April Affirmation
Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

April Affirmation: Time to Shine!

April Affirmation


Basking in the Sunshine

It never ceases to amaze me how much happier everyone is when the sun is shining.  The sun smiles at us and in turn we smile back.

Studies have show that the sun actually does boost our mood.  It improves our sleep and even promotes Vitamin D production.  Regardless of the studies, after this past winter it is quite evident how important our beloved sun is.  It is a glorious ball of positive energy and I’m delighted to see it shining in the sky.  I just know I’m solar powered.

Did you know that you have the same power as the sun?

Our own happiness radiates from within and our positive energy makes us glow.  Have you ever met a person that you are naturally drawn to?  Around this person you smile more and actually feel better.  Like plants leaning toward sunlight; you gravitate toward their company.

So why them and not you?

Why can’t you become glowing, gleaming, radiant ball of energy that others are drawn to?

Actually, we all have opportunities to shine every day.  Yet in our harried and haggard lives, we often miss our chances.

But you can do it.

And it’s a simple formula to follow in order to make it happen:

Smiling and saying hello to everyone you meet is a great way to get your shine on.   Genuinely complimenting those around you, or helping others with nothing expected in return will do it.  In most cases, simply acknowledging how wonderful the current moment is and how lucky we are to have it will radiate your happiness.

The more you brighten your life with positive thoughts and happiness towards others, the more they will gravitate toward you and absorb your rays.

Smile at those around you and they will smile back.

And for each person’s day you brighten, your brow will unfurl just that much more, your spirits will lift, your load will lighten and your energy will grow.

We expect our great sun to shine on our world everyday.  We look forward to its warm bright light.  In return it’s the least we can do to shine on our own little world, giving back what we look forward to receiving everyday.

Sunglasses On!


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