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Jen Murphy

Nervous About Getting Started? You’re Not Alone


Feeling Intimidated

Walking into a gym is intimidating.  Doing it alone?  Very intimidating.  You want look and feel great, but you’re reluctant to take that first step.

You see the people laughing, socializing and working out at Jen Murphy Fitness and you know you should be in there.  You want to be in there, but you’re nervous.  The thought of walking into a class, with all those people is overwhelming.   How do they all know what to do, what to wear and where to stand?

We’ve all been there.  You’re not alone.


With the start of the new year, so come the resolutions to get fit.  The question is, how do you start and stick to a fitness plan?  With the trepidation most people feel about taking that first step into group fitness, many opt for the at-home option.

Initiating home-fitness can be accomplished quickly.  You buy a DVD, invest in a treadmill or stepper–the list is endless.  The ‘sticking to it is the hard part.  Motivating oneself over a longer period of time is difficult without outside help.  Yes, it’s easy to get excited over a 90 day program that promises to quickly whip you into shape, but life-changing fitness is not a short-term proposition.  In reality, there are only two ways to get and stay motivated for years:  One is group fitness, the other is working with a trainer in private, personal training sessions.

Group Fitness

The right exercise class is essentially recess for grown ups.   You get to hang out with a friendly group of people, run around, burn calories and best of all, de-stress.  But how do you pick the right class for you?  In today’s fitness world there are so many different ways to work your body, that there will be one that will appeals to you.  There are kickboxing classes, Zumba dance classes, weights classes, Pilates classes, Piloxing classes.  The list goes on and on.

Classes at Jen Murphy Fitness run early, midday and late, so there is always something to fit into your busy schedule.

Personal Training

Not a person who enjoys group exercise?  Then personal training is a great way to get started working out the right way.  Private personal training sessions are tailored to both your ability and to your schedule, and will target the areas that you would like to work, safely and effectively.  Your body will quickly reflect the work you put into it.  With confidence levels on the rise, many training clients “graduate” into taking classes and become part of “the family” at the studio.

The Secret Sauce

Okay, are you saying to yourself, “I’m ready to get started,” but you’re still not sure where to begin?

Here is the secret sauce:

Take a moment and schedule a free one-on-one consultation.  During the consultation, we will work together to pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish.  We will also discuss each of the group classes at Jen Murphy Fitness, as well as the advantages of personal training sessions.

The Result?

Your confidence will soar just from the consultation and you will start the new year with a new commitment to your own fitness.

Are you ready?  Click the “Schedule a Consultation” button to begin…

private fitness consultation

See you at the studio and you can start to Live Life Fit!



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