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October Affirmation: I Am Enough!

I am Enough

October 2013 Affirmation

We Deserve to believe:  I am Enough!


Last month I received a mailing from the University of Hartford, where my daughter is a freshman, that advertised sending “care packages” to your child.  As I looked through the overpriced boxes of complete junk food, hello freshman 15, and a mug :/ I decided that I would pass.  On the bottom of the mailing was a quote from a “student” saying that “the only downfall of receiving a care package is the look of sadness on my friend’s faces that didn’t receive one.”  Holy Mommy Guilt! Okay, so I decided I would send my own care package filled with “good” stuff.  A much more personal care package, filled with her favorite homemade cookies, a cute little something and a card with a handwritten note saying how proud I am of her and how much I love her…BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER!
Flash forward 3 weeks and I finally get her box in the mail.  It was filled with packaged snacks from Walmart a hairbrush she asked me to send, a pack of gum and a card that read “I love you, Mom.”

It wasn’t enough, I  felt bad that I didn’t have time to bake or to write, and one pack of gum-geeze…

The fact is, it WAS enough.  Rachel was happy to get a care package. She even sent pics of her holding her fruit snacks, lol.  The contents didn’t matter, it was enough and I AM ENOUGH, did enough, by sending it.

Most of us spend our days ‘SHOULD-ing’ ourselves.  We should be thinner, richer, nicer, happier, better … when in reality we are enough, just as we are!

Think about that for a moment, how much happier would you be if you focused on everything you have and everything you are rather than what you feel you are lacking?  YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE-period.

Don’t get me wrong, working on bettering ourselves and taking care of those around us is an important part of life.  But living in a state of want is not.  Be content in where you are and who you are in that moment.  If change is needed it will come.

Today I am making a list of everything I have accomplished, everything I have  and everything I am. On the top of that list is “Sent my beautiful daughter a care package.”

Have you made a list of how many things you’ve accomplished?  What’s on it?  Share with us!



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