Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Ready for a FREE Spin Class?

Those who have tried it LOVE it…but they will all tell you, it’s a GREAT WORKOUT! Spinning is one of our most popular classes at Jen Murphy Fitness, and here’s how you can get started for free…

Burn 700 Calories

Spin class is a combination of awesome music (Cris is known for her themed playlists, and Nicole’s retro hits will have you singing out loud), hills, sprints and encouraging instructors who guide you through a tough but rewarding workout that burns up to 700 calories per class!

The Bike

But how does sitting on a bike burn so many calories? Great question! Each one of our advanced spin bikes is equipped with a resistance knob that, when prompted by the instructor, you adjust to simulate seated or standing hill climbs, flats and inclines that raise your heart rate, strengthening your legs and core, turning your body into a sweaty, calorie torching machine.

The Class

Every spin class begins with an easy warm-up, followed by any combination of hills, sprints, flats, jumps and intervals. A monitor on each bike tracks miles, calories and cadence and speed. Some classes boast 20 miles or more in less than an hour!

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are focused on your success. Each will spend the time before class to properly fit you to your bike, working with you to find your optimal seat and handlebar settings, ensuring a comfortable ride. They will also explain any modifications you can utilize in order to make the class a little easier or a little harder.

Of course, beginners are always welcome in any Jen Murphy Fitness class, and are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Free Spin Class

Interested in spinning but don’t know how to start? Perhaps you’re a bit nervous?

We’re here to help!

Simply click the button below to schedule a brief consultation, and at our meeting we’ll reserve a bike for you during the upcoming class of your choice for FREE!

At the consultation you can tour our beautiful spin studio, as well as all three levels of Jen Murphy Fitness, review our different classes, and discuss your specific goals with Jen.

So, if you’re ready to lose those winter pounds, and look great this summer, the time is NOW.



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