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Free Membership Winner and March Affirmation

Free Month at Jen Murphy Fitness

Drawing Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda Kowalczik who won a free membership to Jen Murphy Fitness for the month of March.  Brenda’s name was chosen by Fitz on Saturday morning just before Weights class.  Thank you to all of you who participated by joining our email list and by “Liking” Jen Murphy Fitness on Facebook.  For those of you who did not win, cheer up, there will be another drawing on April 1st.  Good luck!

Monthly Affirmation:  I Appreciate Every Day

We hear it almost every day, don’t we?  “I can’t wait until spring” or  “looking forward to this winter ending.”  Although looking to the future is a normal thing to do, we forget to look at the present.  Buddhists refer to this as “Being in the Moment,” appreciating what you have now, where in life you are now and who is around you, now.

Although our current circumstances may not be as amazing as we dreamed they would be, there is always something to appreciate about the moment.  Yet do we look around and remind ourselves of all the positives?  Rarely.

That it is freezing cold outside makes us appreciate the warmth of our homes.  Although we may dread getting out of bed for work everyday, we appreciate the job we have that feeds and shelters those we love.  Take stock in what you have.

Living in and appreciating the moment does not however mean that we should forget the past or not dream of the future.  Our experiences serve us by reminding us how far we have come, and of mistakes we have made that should not be repeated.  Yet, although our past is important we should not dwell there, brooding.  Nor should we refuse to move forward as we lament how wonderful life once was.

While dreaming of the future provides us with goals and a picture in our minds that details where we are headed, living there robs us of our real lives.  The Buddha said, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”  While the future is, of course, important, it will always be just that:  The future.

Enjoy the journey. Embrace the now.


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