I Can Make a Difference
Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

September Affirmation: I Can Make A Difference!

I Can Make a DifferenceWelcome to my first blog posting!

I think in a lot of ways we equate making a difference with a monetary donation, and with all the charities out there looking for just that, we tend to glaze over and forget that making a difference means so much more than money.

This month Denise had asked if I would consider using this affirmation to highlight the importance of the March for Babies walk in October.  In support of my dear friend I, of course, agreed  to help and thought about the difference that it could be making for us.  Although the monetary donations go to the babies,  I believe that the difference for us is much more than that.  By coming together as a team with a common goal it creates a sense of family and belonging that for some may be lacking.  Having something to look forward to can be an important  difference in our sense of community and friendship, something I believe is seriously missing at times.

I spent yesterday dropping my daughter at college. It is her first year in her first dorm and although I swore I wouldn’t do it, I CRIED! I started the moment I woke up, and although I had the tears under control by the time we arrived at the campus, there were definite eye swelling, face reddening tears!  My point in disclosing this, aside from letting you all know that you were right, is that not only the grand opportunity of college is making a difference in her life, but the small gesture of spending the day setting up her dorm room also made a difference. Spending the time, not money, made her feel much more at ease and happy than if I had left her at the curb with boxes.

Every moment of everyday we impact others lives without even trying.  Our routines of breakfast for our family and a simple kiss goodbye make a difference in how our loved ones day unfolds.

When I see your smiling faces walk into class it makes a huge difference in my day and the days of the others that attend class. Making a difference can be as simple as a smile to a stranger or an offer of help to someone in need.  It takes almost no time at all, and without you even realizing it can make a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you all for making a difference in mine!


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