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Yoga in Milford and a Free Membership to Jen Murphy Fitness

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Milford’s newest yoga studio is now open upstairs at Jen Murphy Fitness.  The top floor at the studio has been completely dedicated to yoga. This brand new space is quiet and comfortable, warmer in the winter with a carpeted floor and well air-conditioned in the summer.  The space is adorned with light softening paper lamps, flickering candles, stretching straps, blocks and blankets .
A full schedule of yoga classes, including additional types of yoga, will be making its debut by spring.  For now Vinyasa Flow Hot Yoga has been added to Friday evenings at 5:30.  All yoga classes in the new space are included with membership at Jen Murphy Fitness.

Some of the classes that are under consideration are, fast-paced Ashtanga yoga, heart-pumping Power Yoga, meditative Jivamukti yoga and methodical Iyengar yoga.  Each of these types of yoga has their own benefits, as well as their own tempos and strengths.  We currently are up to five yoga classes per week at various days and times.  If there is specific yoga class that you feel is missing or a time slot you would like to fill with a yoga class, please share your thoughts in the “Leave a Reply” space below.

I am so happy to see the amazing community of Yogis finding their way to Jen Murphy Fitness and look forward to expanding the yoga studio over the coming months here in Milford.

You Can Win a Free Membership to Jen Murphy Fitness

You’ve done your part, now its time for me to do mine.  March 1st. will be the first drawing for a Free Membership at JMF. Saturday morning during the 8 a.m. class we will draw one lucky individual’s name  from a pool of Facebook fans and JMF email subscribers.  You do not need to be present to win.

If you are receiving weekly emails from Jen Murphy Fitness, or have “Liked” the Jen Murphy Fitness Facebook page, you are already entered.  If you are not signed up for e-mails, you can sign up for HERE.  Additionally, if you “Like” the Jen Murphy Fitness Facebook page you will have double the chance of winning!  Drawings will happen at the beginning of every month going forward.

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Good Luck and Namaste.



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