Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

The Evolution of Jen Murphy Fitness

Hello all! I hope this finds you safe, healthy and sane.

The Covid Crisis Continues

As you may know, I had hoped to resume in-person classes at Jen Murphy Fitness in September, but let’s be real here: although we are in the “Green” here in Pike County, and things are slowly opening up, Covid is still out there and still a serious concern. Additionally, with heightened mask requirements, limited capacity that would result in only about six people per class, along sanitizing issues, we will remain closed for the time being.

To me, it’s very simple: the health and safety of all of you, your families, my instructors and their families are what matters most.

ZOOM Baby Zoom

Thank goodness for ZOOM! JMF has been streaming a variety of free classes since April, and how our virtual family has grown! It has definitely been a learning experience. I think we should all congratulate ourselves on adapting, and even thriving in this new virtual world!

Flexible Pay Options

It is time for the next exciting step. JMF will begin charging for virtual classes beginning August 3rd. The cost per class is up to you. There will be a sliding scale from $3 to $10, you choose what you want to pay for the class. There will also be a FREE option, because you being in class is more important to me than you paying for the class. For all of you Silver Sneakers members, at this time they do not reimburse for virtual classes, as they continue to adapt to the “new norm,” hopefully that will change.

Registering for Upcoming Classes

How do I register for classes? Simple.
Choose your class, add to cart
Choose your amount and method of payment (all credit cards and PayPal accepted)
DONE! The class link will be emailed 1 hour prior to class (if you do not receive a link, be sure and check your SPAM folder.)

Thank you!

I am so happy you are joining me on this new JMF adventure! I hope to add more classes, different payment structures and and (fingers crossed) recorded classes in the near future. Thank you all for your patience as we take the next step with Virtual JMF, if you have any questions or problems please contact me at 914–850–1317 (text is best) or email

“See” you in class!

Ready for One-On-One Training with Jen?

We’ve all felt a little shut-in.  Could personal training be the answer? To learn more, simply click the “Request a Consultation” button below to set up a virtual consultation, and get back to working out out and feeling great!

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