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Milford Loves to Spin!

Kirsten_Spinning-1It has been ten weeks since spinning began at Jen Murphy Fitness and it couldn’t be a bigger hit. The dedication and drive from everyone that has embraced the new program has been breathtaking. In just over two months we’ve witnessed incredible results, including personal transformations that are nothing less than revolutionary.

Jammed Classes

As you know, classes have been jammed. In almost every session the saddles are full, with several hopeful members on the waiting list. And as we bid farewell to winter and hello to spring and summer, we want to remind our members to take advantage of the text/alert messaging system. These notifications will provide you with up to the minute information regarding, bike availability, pop-up spin classes, as well as general information regarding Jen Murphy Fitness. Also, the subscriber has the ability to respond back to the sender in a private message. So cool.

Waiting Lists

Although most spin classes continue to be jammed, we always do our best to get all members on a bike. We do realize that the waiting list has been very long at times, but it remains a necessary element to ensure all spinners get their time in class. Additionally, if you are unable to attend a class for which you’ve reserved a bike, please notify us as soon as possible so we can add the next person on the waiting list. Naturally, we would like to see at least 24 hour notice but, understandably, that cannot happen all of the time.

Please keep in mind that if an individual’s cancellations become a consistent occurrence, the privilege of signing up for a bike may be relinquished.

*Hint: If you’re signing up for classes far in advance, take a pic of those sheets with your phone, so you have a record to refer back to.

Congratulations Are in Order!

Congratulations to Virginia McCracken who joined us in February. By combining spinning, and a ‘cleaner’ diet, she’s lost 40 pounds and counting. Your progress is inspiring, and we are all very proud of you.


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