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Re-Opening Jen Murphy Fitness

Hello all my virtual Jen Murphy Fitness friends out there, wherever you are, and happy ‘Yellow Phase.’ Of course, I’m hoping you’re well and enjoying the beautiful weather this time of year brings.  Personally, it’s been a challenge not to be spending time at the studio, with the doors open and feeling the fresh air as we rock out to packed classes.  You’ve all been very missed–but can you believe it’s already been 11 weeks since we had our last class at Jen Murphy Fitness?

It feels like forever.

Yet I have faith that in time we will be back at the studio again.  

Lots of Questions About Re-Opening

As things are moving slowly back to what may be the ‘new-normal.’ I’ve been getting many inquiries about when Jen Murphy Fitness will be opening back up, so I’d like to share my thoughts with you as of today:

First of all, and most importantly, Jen Murphy Fitness WILL REOPEN!

That being said, when it will reopen is undecided at this moment.  According to Pennsylvania’s guidelines and general safety rules, the studio cannot open during ‘Yellow Phase.’  When we reach ‘Green’ in Pike County, I will evaluate the situation, and follow the guidelines, while taking into consideration the safety of each instructor and each member.

Virtual Classes – Will They Continue?

The virtual fitness classes have been a great success.  The classes have been a fun and safe way to keep moving during the quarantine, and we have had a tremendous response by our instructors who have given so kindly of their time to help fill the schedule.  We’ve also had a tremendous, nation-wide response by everyone attending, including people from as far away from California, a now-regular group in Michigan, and South Carolina.  So exciting!

Additionally, for attendees who normally can’t get to the studio, the classes have become an important part of their lives too/  Therefore, rest-assured, the virtual classes will continue, and as time progresses, they will become part of the regular Jen Murphy Fitness schedule.

Get Outside!

Finally,  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area, make sure you go outside and play everyday. Hike, play golf, go for a run, or just stroll through your town window shopping.  At some point in the future, I plan to incorporate several outside classes, as soon as guidelines allow.  

As always, check out the JMF Facebook page and website for more virtual classes being added and an upcoming Backyard Yoga event being held on International Yoga Day, June 21st.

I look forward to seeing you in class, and in person, soon.

Stay Healthy!



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