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Jen Murphy Fitness is excited to offer Reiki Certification and Yoga Teacher Training. The certifications will be hosted by Nancy Evelyn Kearon in the Yoga Studio at 113 West Harford Street, Milford, Pennsylvania.

What is Reiki?( Ray-kee)

A universal pathway to peace and balance through the loving energy of Hands-On-Healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that can help promote a deep sense of well being. In Japanese, Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.”
The Practitioner uses a hands-on light touch or laying of the hands a few inches above the body. There is no need to undress and Reiki can be done lying down or sitting up. The practitioner tunes into the Reiki energy and the energy passes to the client. The recipient then draws that energy into his/her body. After a Reiki session, the recipient normally experiences a warm, supportive flow of energy, which can be felt as a relaxation of muscles and mind and a profound sense of tranquility.

Reiki Experience

August 15 6:45pm–7:45pm Free for JMF members ($5 non-members)
This class will give you an overview of Reiki as well as a “hands on” session for all participants.

Reiki Certification Level 1

Saturday, August 23 Noon–5pm. $65
This class will introduce you to the history, practice, and techniques of Reiki. It will teach you how to practice Reiki on yourself, family and friends. No prior Reiki experience needed.

Reiki Certification Level 2

Noon–5pm Sunday, August 24 Noon–5pm $85
Level 2 will deepen your ability to give Reiki and covers topics such as the Chakra System and energy work. (Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for Level 2.)

You will receive an Attunement for each level as well as a Certification of Completion.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

This 200 hour teacher training program includes Asana, Pranayama, Kriya(cleansing yoga), Mantras & Mudras, Anatomical awareness, Chakra System and deep connection to yoga, Meditation, intro to Yoga Sutras and much more. Upon completion of this program students will be certified and eligible to register with Yoga Alliance (YA) as a Registered Yoga teacher (RYT).

This program is for the person that has a love of yoga, wants to deepen their own yoga practice or wants to share yoga with others. You do not need to be an expert at yoga poses or be a special shape, size or age. This training is about learning ancient traditions and yoga’s relationship to the mind and the breath. The program is taught by Nancy Evelyn Kearon, ERYT with guest instructors.

Classes are held every other weekend beginning September 12 through December 14.
Early registration (by Aug 29) $1500
Register in person September 5th 6:45pm–9pm $1800

To Register for Reiki or Yoga Certification CALL:  603-848-3930

Nancy Evelyn Kearon


Nancy Evelyn Kearon CRMT (Certified Reiki Master Teacher third degree). For many years Nancy has practiced the art of healing through energy work. In 2008 she became certified at the Sue Yarnes “Reiki Center” in Bloomsburg PA. It was with Sue Yarnes that she completed her studies to the highest Level as a” Master Reiki Teacher and Practitioner” in the Usual method.

She has led Reiki workshops as well as Reiki Teacher Trainings (certifications). Nancy has a private Reiki practice in NH, PA and NJ.

She has participated in volunteer work using her Reiki skills at Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Cancer Wellness Centers and Hospice programs

Reiki is an ancient Japanese that anyone can learn. It is Nancy’s heartfelt desire to bring Reiki to everyone that wishes to receive it.


I have been practicing yoga since 1975 beginning in key west Florida.  My true dedication to a practice began in 2000.
Since then I have studied all over the country w many  prominent  yogis.  I studied extensively at the Himalayan institute  in PA and at the Living  and Sharing  yoga studios in NH.  I have earned the distinction as An ERYT thru Yoga Alliance and am certified to lead “Teacher Training ” as a certified yoga school w Yoga Alliance the only nationally recognized yoga training school.  My message to students is “Come to your mat with an open heart and mind and a willingness to receive what you need to receive from today’s practice.”


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