Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Healing with Angels, Mantra and Sound

reikiHealing with Angels, Mantra and Sound

Energetic Resonance Attunements (E.R.A.) is a unique cosmic experience. Connection is made with the heavens as Divine Beings present themselves, thus leaving their energetic imprints in an individual’s frequency. It assists in attuning or restoring one’s field when frequencies or vibrations have managed to become unaligned. Their energetic imprints fill the space within the ethereal, physical, and spiritual body, which allows healing, growth and manifestation. In addition to E.R.A., mantras and/or sound healing, which may include drumming, Tibetan chimes and toning, will further assist with the process of transformation.

Group Healing Session

Friday, November 14 7–9pm $50
Instructor: Maleine Gargurevich
Pre registration is required
To register contact Maleine at 631–848–6062 or maleineg at

What is Reiki?( Ray-kee)

A universal pathway to peace and balance through the loving energy of Hands-On-Healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that can help promote a deep sense of well being. In Japanese, Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy.”

The Practitioner uses a hands-on light touch or laying of the hands a few inches above the body. There is no need to undress and Reiki can be done lying down or sitting up. The practitioner tunes into the Reiki energy and the energy passes to the client. The recipient then draws that energy into his/her body. After a Reiki session, the recipient normally experiences a warm, supportive flow of energy, which can be felt as a relaxation of muscles and mind and a profound sense of tranquility.

Reiki Certification Level 1

Saturday, November 8 Noon–5pm. $65
This class will introduce you to the history, practice, and techniques of Reiki. It will teach you how to practice Reiki on yourself, family and friends. No prior Reiki experience needed.

Reiki Certification Level 2

Sunday, November 9 Noon–5pm $85
Level 2 will deepen your ability to give Reiki and covers topics such as the Chakra System and energy work. (Completion of Level One is a prerequisite for Level 2.)

You will receive an Attunement for each level as well as a Certification of Completion.
Instructor: Nancy Kearon ERYT
Pre registration is required
To Register for Reiki contact Nancy at 603–848–3930 or yoginisisters at


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