Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Yoga For Seniors and Free Class: Indian Club Swinging


Yoga for Seniors

This class is designed to introduce seniors to gentle yoga postures, breath and meditation techniques from their chairs, helping them reduce stress, improve balance and focus, build strength, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

Classes will be Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. in the upstairs yoga studio.
The first class will be Tuesday January 27.
Instructor: Eileen Rachelson

Free Class:  Indian Club Swinging

Free Class – Thursday, January 22, 7 p.m. (Main Studio)
Mark Krakowski, Instructor
845–551–3039 For more information or to Register – Space is Limited

Club swinging is traced back to Indian at least 5000 years ago. From there it is believed it traveled to Iran,and Iraq. The British brought it to America. Additionally, it was a training tool for wrestlers,and Gladiators.

Today it is popular with chiropractors,and athletes to repair shoulder issues,gain range of motion,strengthen ligaments,and tendons of the whole shoulder girdle, forearm, and wrist. It also works a person’s neuro pathways. The U.S.Army had battalions that trained with Indian Clubs. Today, in Indian children start Indian Club swinging at an early age, and train every day.

Mark Krakowski

I have been an athlete just about all my life.I was a decorated wrestler in high school.I got my Brown Belt in MOO DUK KWAN karate 1984,before I joined the Air Force.I was an assistant instructor at AMERICAN KARATE ACADEMY while stationed in Vegas.I also hold rank in JEET KUNE DO,RUSSIAN SAMBO,and BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU.I also spent a lot of time playing Racquetball, running 10k races, lifting weights, swimming and mountain I recently got my fitness trainer certification from I.S.S.A. I also have a certification as a physical therapy aide,and my C.P.R certification.I enjoy doing Indian Clubs mainly as a warm up/cool down for more strenuous activities,or on my off days.I enjoy kettle bell workouts because they are so dynamic, I also like to do different body weight exercises and ground work.



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