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Our new barre class is a workout that uses the ballet barre to strengthen and sculpt the entire body.

Want to Look Sleek and Sexy? Barre Class is for You!

milford pennsylvania, jen murphy fitness

Barre Classes in Milford at Jen Murphy Fitness

Belly up to the Barre takes on a whole new meaning in Milford with Jen Murphy Fitness’s newest addition: KUTT BARRE.

Our new barre class is a workout that uses the ballet barre to strengthen and sculpt the entire body–-with nothing more than bodyweight moves and light resistance.

This fun and unique class is a combination of functional strength, dance, Pilates and yoga, that when combined enhances coordination, balance and overall strength. It also gives you that sleek, sexy look just in time for the warm weather and sun dresses!

No Experience Necessary

Not a ballerina? Not to worry! There is no dance background or experience required. In fact, this is the perfect class for beginners or those with previous injuries or other issues. Set to fun, high-energy music, Barre uses simple moves that are designed to work the specific muscles while engaging the core. Bare feet are encouraged, but sneakers or grippy socks can be worn if your toes are still in hibernation mode.

All Fitness Levels Welcome

A Perfect workout for all fitness levels, Barre Class participants are encouraged to take short breaks when needed to rest and reenergize the muscles, and modifications are always given to make the workout harder or easier. Light weights and playground balls are also used off the barre to work upper-body and core.

Low Impact

Never the same routine twice, this fun effective, low-impact workout will leave you with a lean, strong body, beautiful posture and flat abdominals.

Class Times

Classes run Monday morning at 9:15 a.m. and Thursday night at 6 p.m. No preregistration required. $10 per class for non members. Tutus optional!

Don’t Know How to Get Started?

Are you ready to start working out, but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there and we understand.

We have a suggestion: Schedule a FREE consultation with me. We will discuss what you want to achieve, the classes that may work best for you, personal training, as well as a tour of all three floors of the studio on Harford Street.

To schedule your free consult, just click HERE and let’s get moving together!

xoxo Jen


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