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Jen Murphy

Welcome Back to Autumn at Jen Murphy Fitness

Joellen's Kickboxing is BACK!!!
Joellen’s Kickboxing is BACK!!!

Yes, the summer has come to an end. Autumn has arrived, and brought the cool weather and the beautiful colors with it. After long breaks, vacations, and all those fun summertime activities with kids and friends, it’s great to see everyone back and rocking the classes. Smiling faces are everywhere, and the Studio is buzzing with life.

The instructors and I have been busy developing new and fun ideas to keep you energized, excited and fit.

Here’s What’s Happening

Joyce is back for Circuit and JoEllen’s Kickboxing starts October 12. There are Halloween spin classes in the works, a la Kirsten and Cris, as well as a Thriller Dance Fit class with Felicia.

We also have a new class we’re working on for January – Kettlebell AMPD anyone? We are also happy to announce that Beginner Spin a.k.a. Easy Rider Spin, Thursdays at 9 a.m., will be offered as part of the $60 per month membership. Isn’t it time you found out what all the singing in the next room is all about?

Weight Watchers and Weight Watchers Fitness Classes

Weight Watchers is upstairs every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., with a new session starting November 2. I am also excited to announce that we’ve added a Weight Watchers fitness class Mondays and Thursdays, from 1:30 p.m. – 2 p.m. It’s $5 for any Weight Watchers member (from any meeting), and if you bring a friend it’s FREE. The class is a basic workout, and is great for anyone that is looking to break through their weight loss plateau, or take the next step to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone is welcome.

Jen Murphy Fitness Gear

As if that isn’t exciting enough, we are working on some new Jen Murphy Fitness gear to be hitting the studio soon.

Thank You

And to all of you who, like me, love Jen Murphy Fitness: Thank you. You make everyday at The Studio fabulous!

Happy autumn everyone.

xo Jen


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