Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

New Class for Moms Starts Wednesday: Supermoms

Finally – A Mommy Workout with Strollers!

Supermoms offers moms a fast-paced, and fun opportunity for a full-body workout that includes your little ones in their strollers. That’s right moms, no babysitting needed for this class, as your bundle of joy is along for the ride. The workout includes an outdoor, cardio-oriented “stroll,” as well as indoor weight bearing exercises that utilize your stroller for balance, all while baby is at your side.

Who Are Supermoms?

This class is geared for moms, new moms, and moms-to-be. Supermoms is a chance to fit in that bit of “me time” surrounded by other supportive moms in need of the same. Build your tribe, and sculpt your body in this twice-weekly, one-hour class.

The Instructor

Our Milford-based instructor is the mother of a precocious two-year old, and is a pre and postnatal fitness expert. Focus is always placed on safe exercise routines that will help your post-delivery body get back on track, as well as keep you active during pregnancy and motherhood. As moms ourselves, we know that motherhood is no easy job. So let’s strengthen our bodies and minds to be up to the task.

What Do I Bring to Class?

What’s necessary to attend this class: Strollers – for safety reasons all children must stay in the stroller during the class. Yet, we know children tend to get fussy. Feel free to pause at any time during the workout, tend to your baby, and hop back in when you’re ready. Easy.

Jogging strollers are not necessary. Any type of stroller will do. If you have more than one child and do not have access to a double stroller, contact us before class to see if there is an extra stroller available. If your child is more comfortable in a baby carrier or infant seat, rather than a stroller, that works just as well.

Snacks are welcome, as well as anything to keep your baby entertained.

Class Structure

The first half of class will be held in the studio, followed by a brisk walk around town for the second half. In the case of inclement weather, the full class will be held in the studio.

The first class is Wednesday, October 30, at 12:15 p.m.
For more information contact Barbara at 862–268–1962


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