Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Monthly Affirmation: The Buddy System

BuddyNot Meant to Be Alone

Recently, A friend and I were on the couch waiting for a movie to begin, There were old previews on the screen, none of which I had seen, but my friend being a movie buff had seen them all. The Artist preview came on and he said how spectacular it was. His next comment got me thinking. Seeing the movie alone, he wished that he had watched it with someone else, so he could share the experience of this wonderful film with another. In a time when many are living alone, mentally or physically, sharing simple things with another can make every day feel special.

Buddy up for Safety

When we were young, especially around water, we were always taught to use the “buddy system” for safety. As we got older, a less formal form of the buddy system was used for late night walks back to the dorm or home. Now, the buddy system takes form of texts or calls to friends and loved ones to ensure they are accounted for, healthy and smiling. Just a simple text or call to say “Hi,” or “I’m thinking about you” can make a big difference in someone’s day–especially if they are older, ill or alone.

Buddy up for Motivation

I’ve heard it over and over. “The only reason I showed up for class is because I told (insert name) that I’d meet (him) her here.”

Pairing up for walks, runs, diets or projects has been proven over and over again to increase success rates. You don’t need to be besties to buddy up, you only need to have the one common goal. Unfortunately, we are more apt to let ourselves down before we would ever let anyone else down. So, by sharing a goal with a buddy, be it large or small, you will be less likely to make excuses. The best part of sharing a goal is achieving it, and who better to share that moment with than someone who has shared the work with you and understands the importance of the mission.

Buddy up for Fun

In my opinion, the best part of getting together with a friend is to recount our last adventure. Moments we enjoyed always lead into our newest memories in the making. It can be simply sharing a coffee or a meal or full day at our favorite store, experiencing simple things with another is what makes us thrive.

Be a Buddy

We all experience times when we need to be alone. Some have become quite accustomed to it and seem to find it comforting.

I believe that we are meant to be paired with another. We survive and thrive better in groups and tend to withdraw and wither when left alone for too long. Reaching out to those who may need it can benefit not just them but you. People are amazing creatures each with their own gift to give, all they need is someone to give it to.


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