Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy

Re-opening. Yes, Jen Murphy Fitness is Re-Opening!

Yes, we are re-opening!

Safety First

But safety is, and will always be, the primary focus at Jen Murphy Fitness. With vaccines becoming more readily available throughout our area, and more of us receiving them everyday, the studio’s opening date, once again buzzing with good vibes and amazing people, is finally on the horizon!

The Date

The date to resume our in person classes is June 1. By that date the restrictions will, fingers-crossed, be lifted and life as we remember it to be will be on its way back to normal.

Super Saturday

Annual favorite Super Saturday has been set for June 5. With free classes for everyone, and time to re-connect, reminisce, cry, laugh, spin, lift, dance, Pilox, and yoga pose, we should rename it Spectacular Saturday! We even have ladies from Michigan who have been attending classes virtually planning a road trip to attend. How exciting! Be sure and save the date.

A Personal Thank You!

Speaking of virtual classes, I am so very grateful for all of you that have joined us online. The past year has been an un-paralleled, unique, and even tragic challenge. Through all the confusion, all the Zoom glitches and “missing links” you have not only helped me continue to do what I love, but all of the Jen Murphy Fitness instructors as well. Thank you for allowing all of us to work to all of you. In all sincerity, you’ve helped make this horrible time, just that much better.

In case you were wondering, the virtual classes will continue once we reopen, and be part of the new Jen Murphy Fitness schedule.

What a fabulous silver lining to such an un-fabulous year.

Sparkling Studio

In the meantime, Tama and I will be making the studio sparkle and gleam just like you remember. While we expect to see you all in June, if things progress faster, we may be able to open sooner, so stay tuned!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I am beyond happy with the thoughts of seeing you all at the studio again. Please continue to stay safe and be well. Miss you all.

See you (in person) soon!


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