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May Affirmation: I Am Balanced

I Am BalancedHow Can You Find Balance in Life?

Is this you?

Monday starts at a frenetic pace and you’re off and running. A long list of things to do and too little time to accomplish them. Monday night steams in, and before you know it, it’s Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Not even half of your list of to-dos are done. Putting out those pernicious, time-sucking fires has eaten through your week and it’s already Friday afternoon. A moment to breathe, relax and enjoy the weekend? No. More obligations, and in only 48 hours, it’s Monday morning again.

Feeling overwhelmed? Off-kilter?

I do.

Here are three quick, sure-fire remedies to help you say, “I Am Balanced.”

Write It All Down

Do tasks swim in your head? With so many things going on it’s easy for something to slip off our radar. It causes us to worry, “Have I forgotten something?” These concerns are stressful. Actually, a whole industry has sprung up surrounding this. It’s called “Getting things Done,” or “GTD.”

The idea is elementary: Every time something you perceive as important flashes through your mind, write it down in a centralized, always accessible list. In theory, the act of writing the thought down will free it from your mind and enable you to relax, knowing the important thought will not be lost. This act also helps ensure what you perceive to be important, gets accomplished. Simple.

Time Block

Everyone is busy. Perhaps too busy. For me, my day starts early and often ends late. But I found that although I had periods of time in my schedule that were open, I was not accomplishing the smaller tasks that revolved around running a business. I’m always there to teach classes and train my clients, but important administrative aspects were being ignored.

Tiny issues popped up and ate away my free time. I realized that if I was going to accomplish everything that had to be done, I had to carve out time in my schedule just like it was a class, or a client. Whether it is once a week or once a month, those tasks are now scheduled. And I sick to them.

Now, those pesky things that rattled around in the back of my mind are gone, because they are done. Yup, finding even more balance.

Say No

No is the hardest word to say. We are constantly and consistently asked to help out, pitch in, attend a meeting, go for a drink. While this is fun and empowering at the onset, it become laborious after only a short while, and then it is almost impossible to say no. Often, by saying yes, we find ourselves being dug into a deeper and deeper pit, with almost no way out.

But saying no can be emancipating. We have so little extra time, so little downtime, that by saying no on occasion, we ensure that some time is left for our families, some time is left for us.

How do you say no? Easy, just embrace your inner-dialog to clarify what is important and you will find the ability to graciously bow out.

Bonus: Get Your Rest

It’s easy to stay up late. We’re tired but we want some extra time to watch a movie, read or catch up on Facebook. Bad idea. When you’re tired don’t fight it. Allow your body to get the rest it needs. If your day is full and you’re running at high speed, working out and on the go, your body needs a full night’s sleep. Give it what it wants.

There is no question in my mind that if you use these little tricks, you too will be saying, “I Am Balanced.”

Have a wonderful May and see you in class!



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